“Fizmo” stands for Physics Modelers. Fizmo is a CHEPREO supported professional community of high school physics educators and other members of the CHEPREO community. Fizmo was put in place in 2004 to support our annual modeling workshops. It served as bridge to high school teachers throughout the school year and provided the teachers with a place to discuss teaching and professional issues.

Goals of Fizmo

The group’s main focus is to provide support to high school teachers through our community. A secondary focus of the group is to provide high school teachers and students access to a university physics department and to university scientists and professors.

Membership in Fizmo

The membership in the group has fluctuated and changed over the years. The group remains open to any and all high school teachers in the South Florida area (we do have members from Broward County). If you are a high school physics teacher and would like to join Fizmo please email David Jones at

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On the left, Dr. George O'Brien, Dr. Laird Kramer, and Russeel Harcha (Miami Killian) discuss the teaching profession with FIUundergraduates. On the right,Amelia Martin(Coral Gables High School) and Richard Allen (South Miami High School) discuss the teaching profession with FIU undergraduate and graduate students

List of Members (High School Teachers attending at least one meeting)

  • David Kirkpatrick, Miami Coral Park HS
  • Russ Harcha, Miami Killian HS
  • JC Catala, Miami Lakes Educational Center
  • Robin Hori, Miami Country Day HS
  • Cynthia Hori, Miami Country Day HS
  • Odalys Sanchez-Reyes, Miami Braddock HS
  • Natalia Goderich, Miami Southridge HS
  • Amelia Martin, Miami Coral Gables HS
  • Jorge Barroso, Miami Coral Park HS
  • Miranda Chin-Hernandez, Miami Sunset HS
  • Nihal Ciani, Broward Boyd Anderson HS
  • Lisa Dipalma, Mcarthur HS Broward
  • Chris Doscher, South Miami Sr. HS
  • Richard Allen, South Miami Sr. HS
  • JR Rodriguez, Mater Academy, Miami

Fizmo Activities

The group has been a part of many of the CHEPREO Outreach programs during the past four years. Here are some of the most significant activities:

  • FIU Physics Annual Open House
  • CHEPREO QuarkNet/Modern Physics Day
  • High School Spring Competitions
  • Teacher Roundtable Discussion Group with FIU undergraduates interested in teaching

Guest Speakers and Guest Lectures

i) Dr. Edward Redish, University of Maryland – Physics Education Research
ii) RTOP Workshop - 1.5 day workshop on RTOP
iii) SPS Quantum Leap Day


Leanne Wells, Russell Harcha, David Kirkpatrick, and Amelia Martin discuss upcoming events for the spring.