MDC Workshops

Other Educational Outreach in the local community

A few times the Miami Dade County Public School system has called on the CHEPREO group to provide in-service workshops for their science teachers. Three such workshops occurred last school year.

  • A five-day “Modeling in Chemistry” workshop sponsored by CHEPREO – Summer 07
  • A three-day workshop prepared by the CHEPREO group for approximately 75 MDCPS science teachers in November 2007.
  • A two day workshop prepared by the CHEPREO group for approximately 50 MDCPS science teachers in June 2008.

The workshop planning was done by the PERG group. The faculty and staff provided the framework and focus of the workshops. The workshop presenters were local teachers in our community network. CHEPREO provided faculty on site during the workshop, but the workshop leaders were the local high school teachers.

We focus on three main ideas in our outreach workshops:

  • We start by sharing evidence with the high school teachers that the “lecture method” or “traditional method” has not provided a lot of learning gains in the world of physics education.
  • Provide them with a chance to reflect on some of their teaching practices and to think about ways to improve them over time. This is usually an energetic discussion between teachers and workshop leaders. Our role is to guide them to think about what really works in the science classroom.
  • Try to get high school teachers to think about changing their teaching style to a style that incorporates inquiry and constructivist approaches in the classroom. We feel that the “Modeling Physics” curriculum based out of Arizona State University does an excellent job with providing this framework and support for teachers new to this approach