Physics Open House

CHEPREO has sponsored an FIU Physics Open House for the past several years. The Open House is open to our entire community of physics learners and is great way to let the community see what is occurring at the local university’s physics department. The majority of the attendees are local high school physics teachers and their students.

The Open House usually involves Demonstration and Talks from professors. We also include laboratory tours of some of the professor’s ongoing research and usually end the day with some sort of involvement from our local community. Some of our favorite events from past Open House events include:

i) Potato Launching….Launched Potato’s from 5 different launchers that local teachers made.
ii) Speed Cart….tested carts on a large incline for fastest car design
iii) Fun with Liquid Nitrogen
iv) High School student “build it” day
v) Modern Physics Lab days
vi) SPS “Quantum Leap Day”

The entire FIU physics community comes out and supports the events. Our SPS (Society of Physics Students) chapter puts in a lot of support work and help as well as some of CHEPREO fellows. Local teachers from our FIZMO group also pitch in and contribute in various ways.