Renee Michelle Goertzen

Renee Michelle Goertzen

Renee Michelle Goertzen is a post-doctoral researcher in the Physics Education Group. She received her PhD from the University of Maryland, College Park, where she was advised by Rachel Scherr and E.F. (Joe) Redish. Dr. Goertzen’s work relies extensively on video analysis, both to examine individual episodes of teaching and learning and to develop libraries of video for use in professional development.

Current research interests:

  • Producing video-based professional development materials as part of a curriculum development package for professors using Modeling Instruction
  • Understanding physics faculty expectations for undergraduate majors
  • Video-based professional development workshops for physics undergraduate Learning Assistants (LAs) which provide an opportunity for LAs to discuss and reflect on teaching decisions and pedagogical methods
  • Understanding the effects of Modeling workshops on the classroom practice of high school teachers
  • Assessing the abilities and knowledge of BS/BA graduates who majored in physics

Previous Projects:

  • The second collection of Open Source Tutorials, a DVD that contains adaptable Tutorials, instructor guides, and professional development materials.
  • The teaching practice of Teaching Assistants (TAs) who taught introductory physics using tutorials
  • How participation in a physics learning community changes over time for introductory students
  • How undergraduate physics reforms can be institutionalized