Physics Learning Center

The Physics Learning Center includes the modeling classroom, conference room, and lounge. The center is open to CHEPREO fellows and physics majors around the clock, and has become a crucial component of the students’ lives. The undergraduate community impacts all physics majors and many other science majors in addition to the fellows and modeling class students who are the direct recipients of the support. The center also houses Open Labs for introductory modeling students. Open Labs are scheduled times when students may visit the PLC, access the lab materials and computers, and learn physics. They may expand upon their in-class labs, work through concepts and problems, and make up missed labs. CHEPREO undergraduate fellows staff the labs for roughly 15 hours-per-week. Their interactions with the students continue under the modeling mode and Socratic dialogue. Open Labs have been very well received by the students; usage increases every semester and many students include positive comments in their course evaluations, as well as in student interviews.