Teacher in Residence

The Teacher in Residence (TiR) program hires an exceptional physics teacher each year to recruit and train physics Learning Assistants (LAs) and implement physics education reform. The program is part of FIU PERG’s comprehensive approach to education reform and impacts both in-service and pre-service teachers. The primary goal of the TiR is to increase the quantity and quality of physics teachers. To work towards this goal, the TiR recruits top undergraduate physics students to try out teaching in the Learning Assistant program. The LAs help facilitate student learning in the reformed introductory physics labs, and attend weekly lab training and the Science and Math Education Seminar (aka the LA Seminar) to learn effective pedagogy. The TiR runs the LA program. He or she conducts the weekly lab training, co-teaches the LA Seminar, and serves as the LA “go-to” person. A big part of the job is having an open office for sharing teacher stories.